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While mostly unseen, ductwork is one of the most vital components when it comes to the proper function of your home’s HVAC system. Without well-installed, properly maintained ductwork, all of your systems’ cooled and heated air could be lost in the attics and crawlspaces of your homes — wasted before it ever reaches its intended location.

Here at Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning, we thoroughly understand the importance of ductwork and are doing our best to make sure that every one of our customers has reliable ductwork that ensures they are getting the most out of their HVAC systems. After all, It’s been estimated that up to 30% of your system’s energy loss can be traced back to issues with the ductwork!

Like every major component of your HVAC system, your ductwork will need to be replaced eventually. When that time comes, we want our customers to feel confident when they choose us for their San Antonio duct replacement needs. To make that decision easier, we’ve put together this brief article with some key ductwork info — like answering the question, “when to replace ductwork?” — along with a few major signs that duct replacement may be needed soon.

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How Long Does Ductwork Last? 

One of the best pieces of information when considering ductwork replacement is how long your average ductwork system lasts. This answer depends on several factors, but on average, most homes get between 15 and 20 years out of their ductwork. The exact number depends on things like usage and environment and is largely impacted by the quality of maintenance and cleaning the system received over its lifespan.

If you want to ensure that you get the most out of your ductwork, current or new installation, don’t hesitate to ask us about our duct cleaning and maintenance services.

Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Ductwork

While ductwork typically remains hidden from view, there are a few signs that every homeowner can look out for that can inform them of potential ductwork issues. Catching issues early is key in preventing them from getting worse and potentially leading to far greater issues. A few of the most obvious indicators of ductwork issues are discussed below.

Inconsistent Utility Bills

Month-to-month, your home’s utility bills should remain fairly consistent over the year and only fluctuate significantly with usage. Noticing abnormal spikes in your utility bills could be a sign that there is a greater underlying issue with your HVAC system. If the system is functioning otherwise, a fault with the ductwork is a likely culprit because it represents such a large potential for efficiency loss anyways.

Poor Airflow/Uneven Heating And Cooling

As ductwork’s main purpose is to facilitate a sealed pathway between the air handler and the home, poor airflow is one of the most obvious signs of major ductwork issues.

Additionally, uneven airflow can be a sign of underlying ductwork issues. Air coming from each register should be fairly consistent from room to room. Anytime there are obvious fluctuations, your system should be inspected by a professional.

Abnormal Accumulation Around Grills And Registers

While some dust accumulation is normal around all of your grills and registers, anything major or accumulation that is wrong, such as mold or large amounts of insect byproducts, should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. While many of these issues can be addressed by simple cleaning, some of these instances could be a sign of a far greater issue and warrant total replacement.

Don’t Tempt Luck, Choose Us To Replace Your Duct!

The NATE-Certified professionals here at Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning are proud to offer some of the highest quality air duct installation services around. With our commitment to customer service and our promise to take P.R.I.D.E. in all of our work, we guarantee that our services are second to none.

If you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of ductwork and want to take a step into the future of HVAC technology, feel free to call and ask us about our ductless HVAC solutions! Your next HVAC upgrade could rid you of ductwork entirely and save you hundreds in the process.

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