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Say goodbye to cumbersome ducts with ductless AC!

Ductless AC Services

For decades, the standard single-split AC unit was the go-to technology for providing homes with central heating and air. While reliable, these systems do come with their drawbacks, mainly in terms of efficiency.

While the standard single-split unit undoubtedly still has its place in the industry, and the professionals here at Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning are more than happy to install and work on them — we are also proud to offer our customers a chance to upgrade their HVAC experience with a ductless cooling system.

Ductless AC systems offer an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional single-split system that could save homeowners on both maintenance and utility bills. To help our customers feel confident about a ductless AC installation, we’ve put together this brief rundown on a few of its key advantages.

outdoor compressor component of ductless ac unit positioned outside on the wall

How Does A Ductless HVAC System Work?

Ductless systems function using many of the same principles as traditional single-split units, but they achieve the same goal using slightly different equipment.

Traditional units cool air using the thermal conductive properties of a chemical refrigerant, and then use a centralized air handler to distribute this cooled air throughout the home via a system of ductwork.

Ductless systems utilize the same properties of this chemical refrigerant. However, instead of relying on ductwork to provide a pathway for conditioned air to travel between a single air handler and the rooms of your home, a ductless system separates the structure into “zones”, installing up to four individual air handlers to provide conditioned air directly into each.

What Are The Advantages Of Going Ductless?

Even though both ductless and traditional systems operate using similar base techniques, the removal of ductwork and the utilization of air handlers installed into individual zones of the home allow for a far more efficient and variable system. It has been proven that ductwork can account for up to 30% of a system’s efficiency loss, so the removal of it entirely allows for a number of benefits.

Lower Utility Bills And Maintenance Requirements

The removal of ductwork allows for several advantages for the entire system. Because ductwork represents such a large point of efficiency loss, its removal creates a system that is more efficient overall which directly translates into lower utility bills.

Additionally, It’s recommended that you have your ductwork cleaned and serviced once every 3-5 years, a maintenance cost that isn’t needed without the ductwork.

“Zoned” Heating And Cooling

One of the biggest advantages of switching to a ductless system is the ability to independently control the temperature at each zone of your home. This means that temperatures can be catered to the needs and requirements of the people in each area.

Lower Space Consumption

Another advantage of the removal of ductwork is the space gained in its removal. Even though ductwork tends to exist in the attics and crawl spaces of our homes, this is space that can be used for storage and other practical purposes.

Lose The Ducts With Bravo Heating And Air Conditioning

When you’re looking for the best in San Antonio ductless air conditioner installation, look no further than Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning. Our NATE-Certified technicians are ready and eager to provide you with the standards of customer service only a veteran-owned company can provide.

If the initial cost of upgrading to a ductless unit is stopping you from considering an upgrade, ask us about our financing options! In a lot of cases, the savings associated with going ductless will quickly pay for the initial cost, and we want to help all of our customers take advantage of these long-term savings.

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