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Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump Services In San Antonio

Heat pumps represent an important part of the HVAC industry that offers customers an energy-efficient electric alternative to the traditional gas furnace that services many homes across the United States. In the right circumstance, a heat pump can help homeowners save hundreds in utility bills while offering them several additional benefits.

At Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning, we want our customers to have access to every AC on the market so that we can comprehensively provide quality solutions to as many situations as possible.

If a heat pump happens to be the best solution to your problem, or if you just want to know more about them, we’ve put together this brief rundown of heat pumps and why they might be the right air conditioner option for you.

two heat pumps positioned outside of home

How Do Heat Pumps Work? 

To understand how a heat pump might benefit you, it’ll help to understand how a heat pump functions.

Heat pumps are efficient because instead of generating heat, like a traditional furnace, they can utilize and move the existing heat in the air where it’s needed to achieve the desired internal climate. Even in colder climates, heat pumps can absorb the small amounts of heat in the air by utilizing the extremely thermo-conductive properties of the refrigerant flowing through their system.

Additionally, heat pumps are also able to act as an efficient cooling system because they can reverse the process they use to provide heat to absorb heat from the inside of the home and transfer it outside.

Benefits Of Using A Heat Pump

While heat pumps are not ideal for climates where the temperature regularly drops well below freezing, in a climate like Texas, using a heat pump can lead to several benefits and advantages.

Lower Utility Bills

It’s been proven that when used in the proper climate, heat pumps tend to save homeowners money on their monthly utility bills thanks to their increase in efficiency. It’s been estimated that homeowners can save between 20% and 70% in utility bills per year.

All-In-One HVAC System

Heat pumps have the clear benefit of providing both heating and cooling. This eliminates the need for homeowners to have two separate units for each function.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Heat pumps also tend to have far lower maintenance requirements than the traditional HVAC system. This is because the units can transfer heat instead of being required to generate it through combustion, which causes far more wear and tear.

Increased Saftey

Traditional furnaces always pose at least a slight safety hazard through their use of natural gas and their need for combustion. Because they utilize electricity, heat pumps can remove this danger entirely.

Lowered Environmental Impact

Another benefit of removing the need for natural gas is an improved environmental impact. It’s been proven that heat pumps utilize less energy when compared to other HVAC systems and remove the need to rely on natural gas entirely.

Get Out Of That Freezing Slump, Consider A Heat Pump!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that has the potential to save you money, then Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning has the San Antonio AC installation you’ve been searching for. We have a commitment to customer service that’s second to none and want to show you why we’re developing a reputation as one of the best AC companies in The Lone Star State.

If you need any sort of AC service — repair, maintenance or installation — don’t hesitate to call us today and have one of our NATE-certified technicians assess your situation as soon as possible.

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