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Inverter Technology

With inverter technology, gain ultra-efficient cooling!

Air Conditioner Inverter Technology

Here at Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning, we do everything we can to offer our customers a wide range of HVAC options and technologies so that our technicians can offer fully comprehensive solutions to every HVAC problem.

If you’re in the market for ultra-efficiency air conditioning, we’ve got you covered with units equipped with state-of-the-art, inverter technology.

While the phrase “inverter technology” may sound great as a selling point, in an industry like ours, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of technical jargon that describes the equipment we work with. Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning wants to set the standard of being different. That’s why we go the extra step in providing our customers with resources that allow them to understand the equipment and technology they rely on to keep their homes comfortable.

So here is a brief breakdown of inverter technology and why it may be the best high-efficiency air conditioning option for you.

closeup of the top of an outdoor hvac unit surrounded by green leaves

What Is Inverter Technology? 

Inverter technology refers to a component of certain types of AC units that changes the way your system’s motor functions. Traditionally, a non-inverter air conditioning system achieves the desired temperature by turning on the AC when the room temperature needs to be cooled and the heater when it needs to be warmed. This is done by turning the motor either on or off, without an in-between.

These traditional systems will keep a room within a window of the desired temperature through a cycle of running the system, allowing it to deviate some, and then start the system again to achieve the desired temperature.

With inverter technology, an air conditioning system maintains room temperature by regulating and adjusting the motor speed as needed rather than switching it completely from on to off.

What Are The Benefits Of Inverter Technology?

Inverter technology allows your system’s motor to run at optimal speeds constantly. While it may be counter-intuitive, constantly running with the aid of this tech is far more efficient than cycling through on/off periods done by traditional units.

To provide a comparison, imagine you have to travel 100 ft. Using the principles of inverter technology, this can be achieved by a nice, steady, constant motion that is easy on your joints and gets you from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

A traditional AC unit would achieve the same 100 ft. goal by taking large leaps, covering as much distance with each jump as possible. You’ll still make it the 100 ft. but it’ll be far worse on your joints, and will leave you fighting for breath.

With inverter technology, the system is used far more efficiently, causing less wear and tear over time. It’s a known fact that with any mechanical system, the on/off cycle is one of the key points of failure in any system’s operation process. By constantly running at efficient speeds, inverter tech removes this failure point entirely.

To summarize, here are some of the main benefits you can expect by switching to an AC unit with inverter technology:

  • Consistent Room Temperatures
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Less Disruptive Noise
  • Better For The Environment

Convert To Inverter Tech With Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning

The professionals here at Bravo Heating and Air Conditioning are striving to be the obvious choice for San Antonio AC installation services. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you would benefit from the features of an AC system with inverter technology, call us today!

With financing options available and our commitment to P.R.I.D.E, we do our absolute best in ensuring that there are as few barriers between everyone and superior HVAC service.

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